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Redneck Restorations’ “This Old Truck” 1950 International L 180 Flatbed by Rick Bowsen

Posted by apichet on January 28, 2012

Redneck Restorations’ “This Old Truck” 1950 International L 180 Flatbed by Rick Bowsen Video Clips. Duration : 10.00 Mins.

A perfect RNR specimen Redeneckedly Restored by Rick and his Dad. I’ve lost their contact info, so if you know them, send them the link! The old 1950 International L-180 was rough but rustless. Rick and his Dad spent a few hours with a hammer and a dolly, not to mention a come-along, prybars and miscellaneous blocks of wood to get the sheet metal all back where it belongs. A couple quarts of Rustoleum Royal Blue lovingly slathered across the surface brings out the beauty that it truly is. The bottle of brake fluid is rather telling and adds an air of excitement to driving the blue bodied behemoth. I hope you get to see this Rick, and Ihope I find your contact info! Find or sell your old truck on NEW! Now look at !

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5 Surefire Tips for looking the Best Flatbed Trucks for Sale!

Posted by apichet on February 23, 2011

When it comes to transporting discrete loads of cargo on the road, consider finding into used flatbed trucks as no vehicle will do the job better. They are specially designed with the trailer bed being wide and flat to adapt objects of discrete shapes and sizes so long as it meets its’ load capacity and bed size. Because of this trait, many dissimilar businesses such as construction and landscaping can use this vehicle’s particular features and put it to good use.

As with most heavy-duty vehicles, it does wish a large capital investment. So when finding for flatbed truck information, the most important thing is to make sure that you find the right one that will be ideally excellent to your particular company requirements.

Bed For Sale

Let me give you some tips on how you can find the best flatbed truck to suit your company needs.

5 Surefire Tips for looking the Best Flatbed Trucks for Sale!

You need to settle which type of truck is definite for your company needs. These vehicles come in two basic classes: rigid and articulated. The rigid flatbed is essentially a flat body or bed mounted on axles and is fully unmoving. It is great for bright heavy construction equipment such as small tractors or large construction material like concrete blocks; it is good in the landscaping commerce to move long landscaping timbers or large plants and trees. The articulated flatbed is qualified with a mechanism to tilt the bed when that is needed. This is a great option for any goods that can be unloaded best by easing them off the bed. This is also a good type of vehicle for towing services.
In finding for used flatbed trucks, you need to know the load size and weight that you would commonly carry, as the vehicles differ in bed size and you would need to go for the right model to deal with your hauling needs. The load capacity dictates how much weight that truck can carry in a particular haul while the bed size sets the limit on the physical dimensions of the load to be carried.
You can add extra features to the bed of the flatbed, such as rails lining the sides of the bed to make safe bet materials easier and safer to move. Be sure that they are safely and securely installed especially to meet any local, state or federal requirements for this addition. It is important to note that this feature could potentially growth the load size to exceed the capacity for which it is rated. You don’t want to receive a fine if your vehicle is overloaded.
Be sure to know exactly what your budget can handle. The price for a used flatbed dump truck can start at ,000 and go on up. Of course, compared to brand new models at 0,000, this is still a bargain. It is not a bargain if it exceeds what your budget is allowing for this purchase. Of course, if your needs dictate a new model, the best procedure of performance always is to purchase a new one that comes with no usage and a warranty.
Finally, do the logical thing and spend some time in shopping around for the best deals on the market. When it comes to finding used or brand new flatbed trucks, using the internet will always be the optimal way to proceed. Browse for vehicle prices on market truck websites. With the thousands of websites ready on the internet, you should be able to correlate prices and uncover the best flatbed trucks for your business.

5 Surefire Tips for looking the Best Flatbed Trucks for Sale!

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